iPhone 6S 64GB

Apple iPhone 6S 64GB

The 64GB iPhone 6S, released in 2015, is the middle 'brother' of the iPhone 6S Range, sitting above the iPhone 6S 16GB, but below the iPhone 6S 128GB.

With 64GB of space, you'll have enough room for a moderate sized music collection, some photos, a range of apps and perhaps a few movies. If you're looking to store a lot, we suggest you check out the 128GB iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 6S is a major upgrade from the previous iPhone 6, released in 2014. Those who like to take photos will appreciate the upgrade in both the front and rear camera's - with the main rear camera now taking shots at 12 Megapixels. There's not much wrong with the iPhone 6S 64GB, it's got a decent of space, is very powerful, and has a beautiful retina screen.

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