iPhone 6S 16GB

Apple iPhone 6S 16GB

The 16GB iPhone 6S, released in 2015, is the entry level of the iPhone 6S series, sitting underneath the 64GB iPhone 6S & 128GB iPhone 6S.

Featuring 16GB of storage, this entry level capacity is ideal for kids or people who have a modest music collection, and don't require a lot of room. However, we recommend you consider the larger sizes, as it's easy to fill up 16GB with apps alone.

The iPhone 6S looks cosmetically nearly identical to it's predecessor, however it has some major upgrades within it's stylish casing. Top on the list is the upgrade to Apple's A9 Processor, and a whopping 2GB of Ram. The touchscreen is now force sensitive, responding to the amount of pressure you apply. Avid photographers will love the upgrade to both front and rear camera's, the latter now sporting 12 Megapixels.

If you're looking to purchase the 16GB iPhone 6S, we recommend eBay. Check out some of the listings, live on eBay, below. Click on any item for more information.

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