64GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus)

64GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus)

The 64GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus) , released in 2015, is the middle brother of the iPhone 6S+ (Plus) Range, sitting above the 16GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus)  & below the 128GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus). Featuring a larger & wider screen then the iPhone 6S, it resembles more of a smarphone/tablet hybrid.

With 64GB of space, there's enough storage for the average user's music, photos and downloads, with some space left over for shooting video or download apps. However, if you're a power user, we recommend you upgrade to the 128GB iPhone 6S+

The 64GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus) boasts a range of improvements over the previous 6+ model - including a CPU upgrade - (the new Apple A9), a new touchscreen called 3D Touch, which uses force as another interpretation, and a bump up in RAM up to 2GB. There's also some major improvements with both the from and rear camera.

Colour choice is now between four colours - black, silver, gold, and rose gold.

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