16GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus)

64GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus)

The 16GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus) , released in 2015, is the little brother of the iPhone 6S+ (Plus) Range, sitting below both the 64GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus) & the 128GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus). With a larger screen and body then the iPhone 6S, it cements it's place as a cross between a conventional smartphone, and a tablet (Called a Phablet)

With 16GB of space, this iPhone really sits in the market as as entry level device. Whilst you have all the features of the iPhone 6S+ range, you will be limited by storage space. In out experience, 16GB only really provides enough space for someone who has a small media collection. We recommend you consider either the 64GB iPhone 6S+, or the 128GB iPhone 6S+

The 16GB iPhone 6S+ (Plus) has numerous and notable upgrades over the previous 6+ model - including the new Apple A9 CPU, 3D Touch (force controlled touchscreen), and a healthy increase in RAM, up to 2GB. There's also been some major upgrades in the front and rear camera. Colour choice is now between four colours - black, silver, gold, and rose gold.

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